We supply only or supply and install BPT Access Control systems, single or multiple modules for use with door access control, vehicle and pedestrian gate access control.

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 BPT Access Control Systems

 A full range of single or multi-entry Video Audio Systems and Vandal Resistant Video Audio Systems available with monochrome or colour monitors.


BPT LV Kits Single entrance with lithos panels

Complete kit includes:


  • Lithos entry panel
  • Required buttons
  • Agata monitors (s)
  • VAS/101 power supply
  • R/1 relay



 agata monitor

With its elegant design and slim styling, the Agata audio and video receivers will blend perfectly with any setting. Both the 3.5” monochrome and colour versions allow the user to select the number of rings and to choose from four different call melodies for calls from the external entry panel and from the doorbell on the landing. The receiver features 6 slots for additional buttons and/or accessories, as well as a table-top support.

  •  3.5” colour monitor
  • Brightness control and contrast controls
  • Door lock release
  • Wall or desk mounted


opale monitor

 uses a 3.5” 4:3 display whereas the touch sensitive version Opale wide has a 4.3” 16:9 screen. The Opale wide model has touch sensitive concealed keys which reveal enhanced auxiliary functions only available in this version such as video entry voicemail and proper call list.

  • Design with soft, modern line
  • Colour LCD display
  • Hands-free audio
  • Light signalling of active functions
  • Picture from the entry panel in 16:9 format which can be modified to 4:3 (Wide model only)

perla monitor

The Perla wall-mounted video receiver with 3.5” LCD colour display and hands-free audio offers excellent audio and video quality while consuming very little energy. The Made in Italy design with soft, elegant lines and the ergonomic layout of the controls give it a very pleasant appearance and make it easy to use. Available in Ice whiteand Fusion black, Perla is stylish enough to adapt to any setting in the home.

  •  A soft, modern look
  • Excellent audio and video quality
  • Easy to use 


Thangram is a BPT's line of modular entry panels: it is the first designed for use with the new IP digital-technology system (XiP system), and a model that offers superlative-quality colour video. The entry panels in the Thangram range are distinctive for their attractive, innovative styling, ultra-slim design, unparalleled performance and the possibility of creating any type of entry panel by combining just 7 elements. A new generation of entry panels that are both beautiful and sophisticated.








BPT provide the option of vandal resistant panels, black or white panelled monitors, singular and multi entrance access & colour or monochrome monitors.

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